Claudio Lauria

Claudio Lauria

SUNCINE President

SUNCINE, where truth is stronger than fiction! We invite you to cross the line, raise your sights and leave the comfort zone in which it seems that humanity has settled, dauntless, waiting for the fulfilment of the catastrophic predictions of some, or the Trumpist negation of others. They are determined to polarize the debate of our existence, as has happened throughout our history, without considering and listening to the messages and teachings of Mother Nature. It is time to identify the criminals and not give them any more opportunities or get-out-of-jail-free cards. To not allow them free rein as temperatures break all records, the ice of glaciers and the poles melts ceaselessly, and thousands and thousands of people, escaping from certain death, seek safe places for their lives and those of their families.

I invite you to cross the line and discover, in this 28th edition of the festival, great premieres and a programme with the best of the world environmental cinema produced in the last year. I am proud and pleased to have founded and presided over the world’s oldest festival of its genre, and to have survived crises, pandemics and other two-legged viruses in these three decades.

For all these reasons; because we believe in real, positive change; because we know the importance of audio-visual media in the process of creating and generating awareness; the wonderful human team that, day after day, month after month of the year, creates SUNCINE, does not look back, does not stop, because we understand that the future is today, and that there is a lot to do and add. Yes, add! Some miserable people hop on the bandwagon of environmental opportunism: those who don’t see much beyond their own navel (or their own ego) and who create obstacles to the inevitable and increasingly overwhelming process of transformation. There is no time to lose; nature is warning us and notifying us that, for generations, we have been walking on the razor’s edge.

It is time to act and take to the streets against those who limit themselves to making politically correct speeches, who continue at mercy of and bow down to those who are destroying, plundering and polluting the planet.

I am getting older, yes, but I feel the youth that runs through my veins and rids me of prejudice and keeps me from being the domesticated creature that some would have me be. Enough already! Not one more chance for those who traffic in life and nature!

Forty years ago I grabbed my camera to make films, and almost thirty years ago I opened up this global, democratic, participatory, creative space for reflection and debate that is SUNCINE (formerly known by its acronym, FICMA) to generate changes, provide answers and make cinema and audio-visual arts a vehicle and tool for entertainment, education, mindfulness and awareness-raising.

Friends, I look forward to seeing everyone at the festival, celebrating the return to the screening rooms, but with the memory of and love for all those who have left us because of the pandemic.

Let us be worthy of their memory and of that of all the people and living beings who, for decades, have given their lives for freedom and a better world.

Thank you to all those who support us, to those who contribute something and do not take it away. With all my heart!

Jaume Gil

Jaume Gil

SUNCINE Director

Crossing the crime scene
This year we wanted to present the latest film productions, documentaries, fiction films and long and short animated features that address various environmental situations that affect our planet and are slowly decimating life. They provoke a feeling that puts us on a par with every living being, whatever its species: suffering.

We have to stop the crime of suffering, and we can only do so if we cross a line. It must be crossed; we have to know what we are doing, we have to know what causes suffering and stop it.

There are crimes that we can solve more quickly than others; they are the ones we cause consciously, the ones that humanity, driven by selfishness and hedonism, is causing. But there are others that are more difficult to detect, and they may even be more dangerous: the crimes that we cause out of ignorance and that make us accomplices and, at the same time, victims.

There are CSI agents to investigate some crimes and capture the evildoer, and all’s well that ends well. At SUNCINE, we also have our investigators: they are all the filmmakers who show us evidence that a crime is being committed, through their films and through the stories they tell. They are our heroes, and thanks to them we will no longer remain ignorant and we will stop the crimes.

A festival that creates consciences; a festival that, this year more than ever, has a young outlook and focuses on a future one might say with hope, which should never be lost. However, hoping can imply waiting, and we can wait no longer! The future we are proposing today is a future of work, of commitment, of ensuring we take care of our planet, our environment, our human and non-human neighbours; of demanding change and of changing ourselves.

Enjoy the programme that we have prepared for you, and let’s cross the line. This year we can do this experientially, by visiting cinemas and screening rooms in the two cities that are hosting the festival, Barcelona and Mexico City. We can cross the line from home as well, with the programming on the festival’s platform, and we can also cross it by challenging ourselves to be informed, training and educating ourselves, and being better humans.

Many thanks to all the institutions, companies, associations and people who have helped make another edition of the festival possible. And above all, our thanks go to you, spectator, for supporting all these so-necessary films that are the best weapon for stopping crime.

Agent Warrick Brown, indeed, this is not fiction, these stories are real.

Have a good festival.

Luis Miguel Domínguez

Luis Miguel Domínguez

Special Golden Sun 2020


In our country, the audio-visual industry that should support any production is almost non-existent. That is why the window of opportunity opened for many years by FICMA, initially, and today by SUNCINE takes on great importance, especially in the specialised sector of documentaries dedicated to the environment.
It is of vital importance for any filmmaker to be able to show the fruit of their labour in a context of quality programming, and that is exactly what this festival enables in every edition. Moreover, this year’s is notable in that it offers programming that the general public has no other means of seeing.
Traveling halfway around the world to succeed in capturing the essence of species and of spaces with our cameras is useless if, at the end of the day, we do not succeed in having our efforts included in a broadcasting centre’s programming.
But we are lucky, as each year SUNCINE creates not only a competition for audio-visual productions, but also an event where the network of contacts is always growing, as is the prestige of any of the prizes awarded by the jury or the public.
At the same time, I know from a reliable source that in addition to the professionalism of this contest’s human team, all the participants are treated with affection. This transforms each edition into a big family that accompanies the filmmakers in good faith on the magical and tempestuous adventure of setting up a project.
I myself felt that vital support when I received the Golden Sun last year, reason enough to continue a task in which, above all, you need recognition and visibility. And that is exactly what you get from this festival, organised by Claudio and Jaume with every guarantee.
There can be no doubt that documentaries on ecology, nature and the environment have a magnificent window of opportunity in Catalonia.

Anna Barnadas

Anna Barnadas

Generalitat de Catalunya Climate Action Secreetary

I am looking forward to the fact that one more year we can enjoy the International Environmental Film Festival of Catalonia. And, the SUNCINE has become much more than a cultural event, it has become a transformative, provocative and awareness-raising event towards a more sustainable world and it has become a great loudspeaker verse in the middle environment that leaves no one indifferent.
As the secretariat of Climate Action, I want to highlight the great organization of this 28th edition of the festival that consolidates, for yet another year, the presence of SUNCINE in Barcelona on November 3rd to 11th. A long trajectory stirring consciences in favor of the environment and the preservation of human habitat, with a collective and individual look, a critical and formative look, a global factual look at the great challenge that we all have in favor of sustainability.
I want to thank you, for being one more piece of the group determined to change our habits, our way of relating to natural spaces and with key actors and vectors, for mitigation and adaptation to climate change, thank you, for leading to held a film festival that has been and is the reason for young and old to learn about many of the environmental problems that we have both locally and globally. We have in our house a product that has been built with effort and enthusiasm and that has been consolidated in times of great complexity.
These 28 years of experience show, once again, that we still have a lot of work to do and many lessons to learn as a society in order to improve daily.
For all this, I can only wish you a very good 28th edition of the Festival and that, above all, we continue working together to keep the planet livable, for social, environmental and economic sustainability and for culture.

Xesco Gomar

Xesco Gomar Martín

Deputy of Climate Action, Barcelona Provincial Council

It’s time to make the decision to cross the line to save the planet! This is the message of the 28th edition of the Suncine Festival. It is also the warning that science is giving us and it is, above all, an appeal from our citizens, especially the youngest among us. The climate emergency has arrived, and 2030 is a decisive goal in the race to avoid the point of no return. In the face of this challenge we need all the tools possible, and that is why at the Provincial Council of Barcelona every year we support the initiative of the Suncine Festival, which makes cinema an instrument of awareness for the planet and for all the values in which we take pride as a society: sustainability, solidarity and the struggle for a fairer world. We especially like to highlight projects such as “Every Classroom a Cinema”, which goes beyond the glamour of the festival and succeeds in bringing it to the schools of our municipalities, carrying out important environmental education work. We feel this work is essential to ensure that young generations do not become part of the problem, but rather, on the contrary, part of the solution. We would like to congratulate the Suncine International Environmental Film Festival for its track record and encourage it to persevere in its defence of the ecological, social and cultural diversity of the planet we inhabit. May it do so for many more years!