Golden Sun

Golden Sun ©

The Golden Sun is the oldest environmental film award given at the best feature documentary from the Festival SUNCINE Official Section. This is an original statuette made of noble materials and recycled glass by the Catalan artist Luesma Vega. It has also an economic endowment. (5000$)
SUNCINE also presents the Special Golden Sun award given to a person or entity recognizing the work made in the activism or in the cinema.

The Festival gives a prize at the best documentary from the PLANET Section (given by WWF Spain) and from the VIEWS Section
These Awards are statuettes made of recycle materials an economic endowment.

* Special Golden Sun Award
"Sea of Shadows" & "Earth League International"

* Best Documentary Golden Sun Award

* Planet WWF Prize
"Tras las Huellas del Pasado"

* View Prize
"The Beauty"

* Human Ecology Award (SUNCINE & Green Planet Films)