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Lydia Cacho - 2019 - Mexico - 75'
  • Education

CDMX (pilot)
Pilot of the web docuseries, Somos Valientes (We are brave), a multimedia educational project focused on the peace education model.
We’re going to big Mexico City. Intelligence and strength are ageless.

CHIAPAS (ep.2)
Did you know that in Chiapas there are wonderful girls who want to be presidents and brave boys who talk about love?

JALISCO (ep.3)
Do you know hoJALISCO (ep.3)w blind children in Mexico sense the world? Let’s go to Jalisco and you’ll find out.

SINALOA (ep.4)
These girls and boys are experts in martial arts and dream of becoming world champions in jujitsu and kung fu. Would you like to meet them? Let’s go to Sinaloa!

YUCATÁN (ep.5)
Meet boys and girls who are dedicating their lives to saving the planet and protecting the Great Maya Aquifer. Let’s go to Yucatán so you can meet them!