Posibl. Day Barcelona: From the histoty to the Action.

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9 Noviembre - 0 - -
  • Possbl. Day: A Better World Is Possible
'.Posibl. Day Barcelona: From the histoty to the Action..'

The international production company Posibl. specialized in environmental and social responsibility content, organizes this conference within the framework of the Festival where we will talk about cinema and the environment with national and international figures from the world of cinema, activism and the environment.



Singer and composer recognized internationally "Ambassador in Latin America of National Geographic Partners", and first ambassador in Latin America for his commitment to the cure and respect for the environment. Currently, he has a campaign with National Geographic called "Planet or Plastic?"


BLOCK 2: Impact Cinema. Viewing and subsequent debate on cinema as a tool for raising awareness, information, training and education, and also as a generator of positive social change.


BLOCK 3: Climate Emergency: Environment and Climate with the intervention of Inés Comilloni (scientist and climatologist who will talk about the importance of listening to science and with Mònica Lopez (Meteorologist) who will explain to us how the different meteorological situations are warning us of this change.


BLOCK 4: THE CONVERSATION WITH ARACELI SEGARRA: A dialogue about sustainability, the environment and environmental commitment, where we will talk about her commitment, and her experiences with nature.