Cher and The Loneliest Elephant


Johnathan Finnigan - 2021 - Pakistan, Austria - 54
  • International Premieres

An incredible story in which a superstar flies across the world during a raging pandemic to save a bull elephant from 35 years of suffered incarceration. Marghazar Zoo in Islamabad is where Kaavan, dubbed the world’s loneliest elephant, has lived for over three decades. Many of these years have been spent chained and alone since his partner died in 2012. Kaavan’s ordeal is picked up on social media with videos and pictures of his lonely incarceration spreading. It comes to the attention of Rock superstar Cher, who herself has been trying to free an elephant in Los Angeles Zoo. Without hesitation, she pulls celebrity strings and connects people and charities to end Kaavan’s plight and set him free.