Andoni Canela - 2021 - Spain - 100
  • International Premieres

PANTERAS is the latest feature film from the director and photographer Andoni Canela. The film covers the four-year adventure in which Andoni Canela and his son Unai travel the world in search of the last big cats.

It is a documentary film filmed in the wildest places on the planet. Father and son travel in search of the Mato Grosso jaguar, the Kalahari cheetah, the Rajasthani tiger, the Patagonian cougar, the Ceylon leopard, the Sierra Morena Iberian lynx and the Maasai Mara lion. The journey stretches for several years and culminates in the "roof of the world", where Andoni and Unai try to find the legendary snow leopard that inhabits the mountains of Tibet and the Himalayas

5/11 - 9pm - Cinemes Girona VO - ONLY CINEMA

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