Ait Atta: Nomads of the High Atlas


Inanc Tekguc, Eda Elif Tibet - 2020 - Cyprus - 77

The Ait Atta tribe preserves their ancestral right of access to the agdal, a communal land management system that dates back hundreds of years in Morocco. The film follows Ben Youssef family’s arduous transhumant journey from the desert-like landscape of Nkob to the green pastures of Agdal Igourdane, throughout uneven terrain of steep climbs and descents of the High Atlas mountains. A sensorial ethnographic story on the incredible movement and (im)mobilities of the family and their herd, the film juxtaposes the hopes and constraints, obligations and sacrifices of a family torn apart between their traditions and their need to adapt to modern life. Stretching over the past, present and the future, the film provides an intergenerational perspective on the essence and the very challenges of nomadism within an ever transforming Moroccan society.

8/11 - 7pm - Cinemes Girona VOSC