Robert Lin - 2021 - Taiwan - 83

"Formosan Black Bear is more precious than panda!" The entire species is marked as "vulnerable" by the IUCC ( International Union for Conservation of Nature). Classified as "endangered" by the Taiwan government, the species is being pushed to the brink of extinction by illegal hunting and land clearing. We estimate there are between just 200 to 600 black bears over the entire island. At the beginning of the film, we witness a baby black bear (BUNI) was found left in the wild without its mother to care for it. Then it was taken to Endemic Species Institute for treatment. After 4 months treatment, BUNI was moved into a fenced enclosure that simulated a wilderness area where we call it school, BUNI learn all the lesson here. Such as climbing trees and make its own den. BUNI also learn to search for food, hunt and other survival skills.

8/11 - 9pm - Cinemes Girona VOSC