I'm Modern, I'm Indigenous


Carlos Eduardo Magalhães - 2021 - Brazil - 26
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'.I'm Modern, I'm Indigenous.'

An indigenous vision of modernity. Far from wild or lazy, indolent and disinterested, the characters that make up the dramaturgical fabric of the series are highly linked to technology, active participants in the most different forms of urban everyday life, at the same time that they are intimately linked to their peoples and their culture. The authentic Indian can be that new one who seeks his ancestry, or the mythical people who inhabit the villages, who know how to preserve the environment, are wise and powerful in their beliefs. The focus is on the cultural richness of these groups and, above all, on another way of acting in society. Our characters are active men and women in contemporary society. They are political articulators, cultural entertainers, actors, researchers, historians, communicators, filmmakers, writers, musicians, forest doctors and healers with recognized works in their respective areas of action, and carried out through languages, techniques and technologies of the Western world. . They make, with great success, the connection between these two societies and prove that it is possible to coexist and, above all, to bring cultures closer together, with what each one has of the best, and to carry out, from that combination, even higher flights.