Dark Green


Jesper Buijvoets, Aagje van Meerwijk - 2021 - Netherlands - 32
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'.Dark Green.'

Logline The solo expedition of adventurer Paul Rosolie into the Amazon Rainforest teaches him how to reconnect with the last remaining wilderness on earth. Synopsis In Dark Green we follow conservationist and storyteller Paul Rosolie deep into the jungle of the Amazon, risking his life to learn more on this last remaining wilderness on earth. Leaving a world of man-made destruction, where the Trans Amazon highway eats its monstrous way into the jungle, Paul contemplates on how to save this large ecosystem. Rosolie describes his solo-expeditions as a “calibration of the concept of nature”: “At the very moment we start to lose species from an ecosystem, people will adapt to this new situation.” Rosolie needs to surrender himself to the untouched wilderness. Not only to recharge, but even more so to reconnect and bring back his love for the wild to the world.