Between Fire and Photos


Samuel Salinas Serrano - 2020 - Mexico - 15
  • Documenatries
'.Between Fire and Photos.'

Don Rafa, a photographer who lives in a humble colony on the slopes of the Sierra de Guadalupe concerned about the environmental crisis that plagues the world, decides to start a fight to take care of this mountainous island that survives the threats of an urban sea. After knowing the deficiencies that the Sierra presents, Don Rafa and Mary, his wife, decide to give their lives to this work, create a group of volunteers who share their ideals, and with their support they support the project; being the fires caused by the Man, the main challenge they face. Given this, don Rafa is committed to prevention with environmental education as a fundamental tool to move forward with the change and as proof of this, Liam, his grandson, begins to follow in his footsteps. This is a hopeful documentary that invites us to respect and protect nature.