Sections:  TOUR SUNCINE | PNUMA México

Cesare Maglioni - 2018 - Spain - 45'
  • JUNE 7th

Carlos, a Basque plastic artist, likes surfing in the beach. When he comes out of the water, he picks up pieces of plastic and marine waste that are on the sand or between the rocks and brings them to his workshop. One day, he realizes that he has a lot of thrash, litter with stories to tell, with different ages and origins, which have something in common: they ended up in the same beach. Little by little, almost without realizing it, Carlos starts a personal awareness trip about the problem of marine trash and starts researching why and how these plastics end up in the ocean. At the same time, to express his frustration, Carlos uses the accumulated waste to create a series of art pieces where the art gets in relation with the consumerism, the globalization and the materialism of our modern society.