Rethinking and recycling: for sustainable cinema

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  • Green Shoot Workshop
'.Rethinking and recycling: for sustainable cinema .'

Rethinking and recycling: for sustainable cinema 

A round table discussion which will bring together professionals dedicated to diverse activities within the cinematographic and audio-visual production process. There they will be able to exchange points of view about their practical experiences of “sustainable cinema” (Green Shooting) from various perspectives: intentions, requirements, difficulties and strategies for making it possible.  

Through the explanation and discussion of real cases, and the dialogue between all the participants, it aims to make progress with its definition and the list of measures that must be included in the sustainability plans.  

The session will be led and moderated by the journalist and screenwriter Anna Guitart and the sustainable production consultant Ana Galán. 

13/11 - 10 h - CosmoCaixa