Hatun Phaqcha, The Healing Land


Delia Ackerman - 2021 - Peru - 90

Peru is a true superpower of biodiversity. The ancient inhabitants of Peru were able to domesticate and cultivate an astonishing number of nutritious crops thanks to the fact that the country harbors the greatest spectrum of the world's climates and a wide range of ecosystems. The powerful knowledge and agro-biodiversity stemming from Peru’s rich genetic and nutritional heritage has been passed from generation to generation through a careful process of selection, continuous production, recovery of the best seeds, and cultivation of diverse species. While some of these have become the main crops of the world, many others are not well known or are newly being re-evaluated as highly nutritious foods due to their dietary quality and nutraceutical properties. HATUN PHAQCHA, The Healing Land l shows the importance of preservation and good care of these foods and raise questions about the vulnerability of the region amid the demands of a monoculture-promoting market as well as the threat of climate change.